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NOTICE: This application does only work with additional hardware! You need a Linux DVB receiver with Enigma running on it. This app uses the Enigma EHTTP API to control your Dreambox.
You’ll need an active IP connection to your Dreambox. Either you have a local network (wireless to connect your iPhone/iPod touch to) or if you open and configure your firewall/router correctly, you can even control your Dreambox over the Internet using your 3G/EDGE connection.
Tested with DM500C and DM600C.

  • Use all the buttons and functions that you are used from your real remote.
  • See all the services in your bouquets and directly zap to them.
  • Get the full EPG for all your channels from your Dreambox.
  • See all recorded movies and manage them.
  • See all installed timers and manage them.
  • Add a timer for any event from the EPG (repeating or single).
  • Get a screenshot from whats currently on your TV screen.
  • Send a message to display on the TV screen.

NOTE: Only for Enigma 1

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Version History

  • 1.0
    Initial release.


The „Remote“ screen
On the remote screen you’ll find all the buttons you are used to have from the Dreambox remote control.

In the upper part of the screen you can see the currently active channel and the event running.

The “Services” screen
The services screen shows you all your Bouquets you have set up on your Dreambox. If you tab on a cell, you’ll be shown the full list of services/channels of the selected Bouquet.

To download the EPG from the Dreambox to ypur iPhone, tap on the “Refresh” button in the upper right corner. This will force the device to immediately start to download the full EPG for all channels.

The download can be aborted at any time by pressing the button again.
To directly zap to a channel, tap the desired row. The Dreambox will imediately change to the selected channel.
To see the full EPG of the channel, tap on the disclosure button (the blue button on the right side).
The short description just below the channel shows the currently running event.
To see a detailed description of an event, simply tap the desired row.
The short description just below the events title shows the start date, the start time and the duration of the event.
The EPG detail view shows details about the selected event.
The progress bar shows how long the event is already running.
To record (set a timer) for the event, simply tap the “Record” button.
NOTE: You’ll need a harddisk in your Dreambox for this to work.
Choose the timer type you want to add:

  • “Single” is a one-shot timer. It will only record the selected event and that’s all.
  • “Repeating” is a repeating timer, it is used to record your favorite event every day or every week. See the next screen for a detailed description on how to setup a repeating timer.
  • “Cancel” aborts the operation and will not create any timer.

If you choose a repeating timer, you will be shown this screen.
Select the days the event should be recorded.

The screenshot abov show an event that is recorded every working day but not on weekends.

Repeating timers will never end unless you delete them (see the “Timers” section for more info).

Hit “Done” to register the newly created timer.

The „Movies“ screen
If there is a harddisk connected to the Dreambox, the Movies screen will show all recorded movies.
To start playing a movie, tap on the desired row. The Dreambox will then start playing the movie on your TV.
To delete recorded movies, tap the “Delete” button in the upper right corner.
To delete a movie, tap the red button on the left side and confirm the deletion by tapping the red “Delete” button on the right side.
The movie will then be deleted from the harddisk and cannot be recovered, so be aware.
When you are done editing the movies, tap on “Done”.

The „Timers“ screen
To delete a timer, tap the red button on the left side and confirm the deletion by tapping the red “Delete” button on the right side.
The timer will then be deleted.
When you are done editing the timers, tap on “Done”.

The „Screenshot“ screen
You can get a screenshot of the currently running service by simply tapping the screen.
The screenshot will appear after a few seconds together with the EPG description at the bottom of the screen.

The „Message“ screen
The message screen makes it possible to send a text message directly onto the TV screen.
Just enter the message in the “Message” field, choose the duration (timeout) in seconds of how long the message should appear on the TV and hit the “Send message” button.
The message will immediately appear on your TV’s screent for the given amount of seconds.

The „Settings“ screen
In the “Settings” screen you have to enter your Dreambox’s address and credentials if needed.

  • Address: The IP address or host name of the Dreambox.
  • Port: The port where the Enigma webserver is listening on. Default is 80.
  • Username: The username to connect to the Dreambox. If a username and password is needed can be set in the Dreambox settings.
  • Password: The password to use to connect to the Dreambox.
  • Prevent sleep: If set to ON, the device will not dim the screen and will not go to standby. So be aware of battery life.

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