Automatically rotate images based on EXIF

Recently I needed to rotate a bunch of images based on their EXIF information on OS X. Why that? Well simple: OS X Preview has no problems of correctly showing the images based on the EXIF data. But Windows (at least 7, didn’t try 8) and most of the web application do ignore the EXIF information of images when shown or uploaded. That results in an image incorrectly rotated by 90°.

So I googled around and found a nice little command line helper tool called jhead in an aricle on

The tool is not default on OS X Yosemite so I had to install it manually. But that was easy using Homebrew. Homebrew is one of the many package manager for third party software. Just check the Homepage on how to install Homebrew. When you have done that, you can simply install jhead with:

brew install jhead

Now to autorotate all images in a folder simply execute:

jhead -autorot *.jpg

Pretty easy right?

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